Stop Disability Hate crime!!!

Throughout the week we led various sessions with our members and the general public. By allowing participants to explore, express and discuss issues surrounding hate crime and how to report it. We supported participants to devise dance/movement pieces, write a song and perform short plays which were filmed.

During Monday’s session, Inspector Smith from Greater Manchester Police visited. He delivered a short talk about Hate crime differentiated to the abilities of the members attending. Participants used role play to express their understanding of experiencing Hate crime and what to do if they encountered Hate crime. Another group of participants rehearsed and performed a version of ‘This is me’ from The Greatest Showman. This was reworded to include phrases of the members understanding of hate crime.

In Tuesday’s session Participants worked with the Project Manager using percussion instruments to compose songs and lyrics about Hate crime awareness. They had some mind maps and collated ideas from the previous week’s workshops on the Introduction to Hate Crime. The session was user led to produce a song/chant that was filmed.

During Wednesday’s session PAC delivered an interactive drama and video-making session. Facts and scenarios were demonstrated through the medium of drama, taking turns to roleplay how they would deal with a Hate crime.

On Thursday, The Harriet White Street Dance Company provided a session. The group used contemporary and street dance styles to experiment with body-shaping and movements depicting violence, hate and anger. 3 PCSOs from Greater Manchester Police came to talk to the group and to give out resources. The police joined the members in a role play about how to report hate crime. There was opportunity to ask questions and try on the police hats and jackets. In the afternoon the session was run by the Drumming facilitator. The session furthered the Hate crime awareness theme and worked on the skills of composition, song-writing, rhythm and chants.

During Friday’s session participants discussed the week’s events about Hate crime and gave feedback. In this session the members used their arts and craft skills to produce a group artwork depicting positive affirmations in response to negativity and hate. The artwork resembled love heart sweets which then became part of a mobile. Participants then produced an art work of figures to represent diversity and peace.