Projects and Performances

Tameside Arts Ltd is a user-led organisation based in Tameside in the North West of England. We deliver participatory arts programmes inspired by communities across Tameside and the North West.

Our projects aim to empower, engage and inspire participants through the arts and creativity. We offer an imaginative programme including drama and performance, dance, music, the visual arts, puppets, clowns and more…

We work with group of all ages offering

• Fun projects that inspire the imagination and promote personal development and self expression.
• Professional artistic leadership from experienced and skilled artists perceptive to the needs of participants.
• Bespoke programmes tailored to the needs of participants and the organisation supporting them.

We have a wide range of experience in delivering community based projects, linking groups together towards common outcomes for the benefit of the individual, the groups involved and their local community.

Our projects can be issue based, based on the exploration of the local heritage through an expressive arts project or focus around a large community celebration event, to which we are contributing.

We run many innovative, exciting and challenging projects and community events throughout the year. Our projects are often designed specifically for a particular community or school and the range of our work is therefore very diverse. This diversity means it is impossible to provide a clear indication of everything we can do and the impact our work can have on participants and the wider community the only thing that you can say about all our projects and events is that they are FUN!