Press Release

Tameside Arts Ltd ~ ‘Arts For All’ in Tameside and Beyond!

Tameside Arts Ltd is a not-for-profit arts organisation, which provides a wide range of creative opportunities for people in Tameside and its surrounding areas. Its ‘arts for all’ policy makes it a welcoming and inclusive group, with the key focus of providing an opportunity for anyone to take part in, lead and experience the arts in an equal and accessible way.

The Tameside Arts team have expertise in supporting people with learning disabilities, physical disabilities, mental health issues and also people on the Autistic Spectrum. The team are fully trained in various areas of arts delivery plus Health & Social Care ~ the majority of The Tameside Arts committee members have disabilities, so these members direct the work they do.

Everyone is welcome to come along to the Tameside Arts groups and take part in the activities which include a variety of social events, discos, karaoke, drama productions, arts awards, office skills and much more. Some of its groups, projects and events are delivered by ~ and intended for ~ people with a wide range of support needs, including children, adults and older people.

Tameside Arts provide one-to-one support and travel training and can offer placements for volunteers.

Come along and join in, or visit the website, facebook page or twitter:


Facebook: Tameside Arts Limited   

Twitter: @TamesideArts   

For more information, contact:

0161 368 3422


Note to Editors:

Formed in 2005, Tameside Arts Ltd is a user-led Social Enterprise company, with long standing experience of delivering innovative, high quality and creative services within Tameside and its surrounding areas. It was established as a result of a demand for creative arts services for adults with Learning Disabilities. Since that point the company has grown steadily adding new sessions and services to our now extensive portfolio It specialises in the supply of services to local authorities, community groups and individuals