College Leavers with a Learning Disability

Tameside Arts Ltd are a leading provider of day time services for when your child leaves full time education. We are open all year round Monday to Friday from 9am – 3pm with the structure and routine of college. For young people who enjoy art, craft, music, dance, choirs, drumming, drama, media, film, photography, theatre, djing, design and cookery we are the number one place in Tameside. We are also AQA accredited so can provide qualifications in all areas that are tailored to your child’s interests.

We advise you to contact Tameside Adult Services who can provide you with an assessment to see if you are entitled to any funded days with us. Alternatively we offer day service at a very competitive rate. Please contact Kerry at the office to find out more on 0161 368 3422. We welcome you to come and have a look at what we do. Appointments are not necessary!