AQA Certificates

We are in the very exciting and lucky position to have Tameside Arts recognised as a place of education, with the ability to grant AQA courses and qualifications and the range of qualifications on offer is amazing! From arts and drama certificates, to health and hygiene, shopping, speaking, gardening, cooking and so much more all for a registration payment of £19.00. This can be paid over a year or as a one-off payment and will give you the opportunity to take as many courses as you would like, with support and supervision all the way.

If there is anything you like doing and would like the chance to maybe take it to a higher level, there will be a qualification to help you achieve that.

We really think these qualifications will be beneficial and fun, so please join the growing group who are already gaining their certificates.

Please contact us if you would like to work towards gaining some certificates in the things you most enjoy and want to further yourselves in.